Wednesday, 4 July 2007

What Is Your Life The Answer To?

Have you ever reached a place in your life when you have just seemed unsettled?
Its not that things are going to pieces... in fact, on the outside it would seem like things have never been better. Yet inside of you is an uneasiness, a distress.
We begin to ask questions about the meaning of it all.
We find ourselves dissatisfied.

Its at this point that many seem to wonder into all sorts of crazy paths.
We begin to blame those in our relationships, our jobs, our friends, our church... and we feel the need to move on in search of easing this restlessness.
We even are plagued by guilt for having these feelings.

We begin to search for answers...

But perhaps what we really need is not an answer but rather a new question! A new question that we can be the answer to!
Perhaps feeling stuck, frustrated, discontent, etc does not mean that you have lost the meaning in your life... but rather that you have outlived one question and need to find the next.

If you are experiencing the uncomfortable feelings described above, consider the possibility that your previous season is coming to an end and that the discomfort is God's way of propelling you to find the next question for your life to be an answer to.

What have been your experiences?
How have you felt during these times?
What question is your life currently an answer to?

I look forward to your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

I've always found that 'restless' feeling comes when I'm called to something, or supposed to be positioned somewhere, and I'm not doing it.

Sometimes we're in a transitional phase where we know something is about to happen/come - but we're awaiting information or confirmation or have to make a decision between options.

Both can be very uncomfortable places to be. The first is easy - answer the call and start doing it! The second is harder as often there is a reliance on other people to help us along.

I'm in a restless place at the moment. I think for the second reason. Change can be uncomfortable. Even through this I am learning.

I'd love to see you post an entry on 'bloom where you're planted' vs 'I've been offered a great opportunity at another church'.