Thursday, 12 July 2007

My Next Perps

I would like to speak on the following subjects:


Emotions - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: 29th July
Emotions cop a lot of bad press. I want to look briefly at negative emotions and how we can make poor decisions when in a poor emotive state.
I also would like to talk on the positive faith building emotions and how we can harness them in our every day lives.

Connecting With People:
This 2 part series will look at the vital role of people skills.
I will give a new definition to Charisma and teach some basic but powerful connection skills.
We will also look at how we as a 7pm community need to behave to gusts at the church.

You're A Pain In My:
This 2 part series will look at how to get along with others.
We will deal on how to confront your flaties / wife / etc. in a Biblical manner.
We will look at offense and the danger it brings to your well being and spiritual walk.

SHAPE: 12th August
For Elevate:
The next level require us to step up in the area of excellence. We need to shift from throw togethers to doing things well. Its about going from good efforts to great efforts!
For CE:
We will discuss the plans to re-brand CE


James said...

Sounds like some good messages coming up.

For the message on emotions, I don't know if it is going a bit far but maybe you could talk about encouraging good emotions in others? I guess that is kind of the next step, once you start to get a handle on your own emotions you can start encouraging others to do the same?

I think the message on connecting with people is an absolutely great idea.

RiCO said...

concerning the talk about "your a pain in the" and concerning offence, there is an amazing book i have kinda read, half way through called the bait of satam, a must have when reading about offence and spiritual walk, its by john brevere... i can recommonend some points i found from that