Tuesday, 3 July 2007

God Speaks To Me In The Movies (Part 2 - Blades Of Glory)

In the movie "Blades Of Glory" Jon Heder plays Jimmy MacElroy, the adopted son of Billionaire horse breeder (William Fichtner) who has decided to breed gold-medal winning athletes. He has a come first or nothing policy.

When Jimmy is banned from the figure skating for life his father no longer sees a use for him. He can no longer go for gold, and so un-adopts him and literally leaves him on the side of the road.

I got to thinking... we as Christians can be like this Billionaire so easily.
We make a connection with someone, find out that they don't know Jesus and so we then proceed to share our faith with them.
Now if this individual is unwilling, or is too slow in making progress... we un-befriend them. We just... move on... we forget them.
Its almost as if we are saying, "If I can't get you converted, then I'm moving on!"
How shallow is that!

I'm of the opinion that if God brings people into my life and we have a connection, regardless of weather they surrender their lives to Jesus, they are my friends!

Are we not in danger of being shallow and even using people to win converts?
Could we be as cold, unloving and false as this billionaire father was?
Would Jesus treat people like this?
What are your thoughts?


James said...

I love it Clive.
I know a guy (who doesn't really attend church anymore) who feels really bad about the way he approached evangelism and his friends in his teens. He is now pretty close to anti-evangelism, If someone could have told him this ten years ago things might be quite different...

- James

The Scragster said...

Its Euan by the way :)

not that this has anything to do with Blades of Glory, but just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for letting me/us come down last week. It was great, I lernt so much :)

Keep rocking on for God man :)
keep me posted about how its going etc. Also let me know how Boost goes if you have time :)

C ya, Euan.
(PS Don Lakes son)