Friday, 6 July 2007

Capacity - Part 1 - Whats That About?

For all you car lovers out there...

You understand all about an engine's capacity. A 1300cc performs very differently to a 4l V8!
Capacity is kinda obvious when we are talking about cars... but I've included the dictionary definition (some of it) anyways:
This is's definition of capacity:
American Heritage Dictionary - (
    1. Ability to perform or produce; capability.
    2. The maximum or optimum amount that can be produced: factories operating below capacity.
  1. Innate potential for growth, development, or accomplishment; faculty.

So understanding a cars capacity is fairly simple...
But what about when we are talking about human beings?

Are we like car engine's ... given / born with a certain capacity...
or is our capacity virtually limitless?

How do we know when we are reaching our capacity?
Are we able to move from being a 1300cc to being a 1600cc and then an 1800 and then a v6 and then a v8?

What are your thoughts?

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Jeremy Sargent said...

Hi Clive
One word"Fuel"
On a car you could have all the power ,the look ,the bells and whistles and put the wrong fuel in and all that other stuff counts for nothing

In talkng about our capacity as christians to grow ,and serve and lead out of I believe when we are fuelled by an eternal connection thats when we experience true power and our capacity grows to support that.

What is the Limit.
Thier is no limit ,God gives us what we need at that time for his will to be done
Hudson taylor said -Gods will done in Gods way will never lack Gods supply

Without that connection ,we can sustain things for a while ,but doing things in our own strength ,will eventually make the wheels fall of
(Excuse the Pun)