Friday, 27 July 2007

Have You Ever Noticed?

I was just thinking about it today, but have you ever noticed how offended people become when the church talks about money?
Why is it that we can talk about the most private and intimate of matters with people, including the marriages, their families and even their sex lives... but woe if the church talks about money!

Its certainly okay for the restaurants and retail stores to talk about wanting our money... but if the church talks about it... well we slag them and point the finger... we become cynical wondering how the leaders will be spending the money...
Common! Get a life! We pastors are on a fixed income! We may be wanting you to hand over money, but it certainly ain't for our benefit. We want to invest it into people... into the Kingdom.

The question has been asked, "How much ministry can you do with $10... and how much can you do with a $1 000?"
The answer is simple... "$10 ministry with $10 & $1 000 ministry with $1 000!"

I recon the offense is caused by our realization that we might have to give up our 'precious' (as Golem from Lord of the Rings would say).
The Scripture states it clearly:
Mat 6:21 CEV
(21) Your heart will always be where your treasure is.

Let me challenge you: Where is your heart? Follow where you spend your money and time... thats where you will find your heart!
Is your heart where it should be?
What will you do about it?

I look forward to your comments : )


Rhys said...

yeah man thats a great point. I think its pretty stupid really that people trust businesses and things with money and scon the church which is called the pillar and foundation of truth - 1 Timothy.

I'm not feeling intellectual today so I'll just express my feeling side and blatantly say its selfish, unfaithful to God after all that he gives us first and dumb that people get all caught up about it when money is a practical thing that either helps churches become more effective or lose effectivity.

I'm loving it

Brother Rob said...

I think that there are many reasons people are offended by churches which place an emphasis on offerings and "tithes". Here are a few that I can think of:

One is that many churches who teach tithing also expect the poorer members of their congregations to contribute more than they can afford (to live).

Moreover, many Pastors from these churches appear to live lavish lifestyles with designer outfits and world tours that are funded by the congregation.

Finally, some of these churches also teach 'prosperity' in that "what they sow they will reap". This tends to only be true for those in leadership or exhalted positions within the church.