Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Another 'E' Word - Part 2

After reading part 1 did you have any idea's on why we are so 'addicted to mediocrity'?

Today I thought I'd share a thought on just what is excellence...
If excellence was perfection... we'd all be in trouble!
If excellence was about having the best that money can buy... then excellence would be relegated to the super wealthy.

Excellence is:
"Doing the best that you can with what you have."

As South African Pastor Andre Olivier says, "Excellence is produced not by wealth but by effort."
Perhaps the reason we don't do the best we can is because we are just plain lazy!
Or maybe we have a fear of failure... a fear of appearing 'slick'... or even a fear of not relying on the Holy Spirit.

Are you giving God your best?
For as Bill Hybels says, "Excellence honours God and inspires people."
Have you inspired anyone lately?

Let us join the Spaniards who in 1401 when building the Cathedral in Seville said, "Come let us build a church so great that those who come after us will think us mad to have dreamed of it."

I look forward to your thoughts : )

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Another 'E' Word

As far as churches and Christianity goes... there are 2 'E' words that send a chill down peoples spines... Evangelism & Excellence.

Excellence is seen as a modern scourge that imposes humanism and secularism into the church. Keep the 'worlds' values out of the church... here we have our own set of values. We value 'good enough' and just want to be 'led' by God's Holy Spirit.

But is this a modern scourge?
Look at the excellence in the arts... just look at Michelangelo's Sistine chapel... a work that took him 4 years to complete.
It was said that while Michelangelo painstakingly painted the ceiling, often getting paint dripping into his eyes, he was challenged as to why he bothered with such fine detail when no one would be able to see the difference. Michelangelo quipped, "Ahh, but God will see!"

Look at the excellence that the Tabernacle of God was built with! (see Exodus 31)

So why have we shyed away from offering our best?

What are your thoughts?

A Paradox

I had one of my mates come over today and help me cut down some trees in my yard. This mate of mine is a handy man supreme... whereas I on the other hand... well lets just say I'm a disaster! Today made me think (yes, its true... occasionally I do venture into thinking :)

Isn't it interesting how life's greatest blessings... and greatest troubles come from others. Life would be so easy if there weren't others to deal with... but then life would be too difficult with others.
Quite a paradox isn't it.

What is your take on this paradox?

Monday, 28 January 2008

Creating Memories

This weekend another one of my staff members just got married!
We traveled 1 1/2hrs down to Rotorua for the wedding and stayed the night in a motel. I originally wanted to just come straight home... but after some convincing from Tarryn we did end up staying... & I'm pleased that we did.

An important part of life is about accumulating great memories...
Today its so easy to get so busy and run around at break neck speeds that we simply don't take the time to create great memories.
Now granted... some of our best memories come from spontaneous moments... but by far the majority come from our crafting them. It takes time and it takes thought.... but its always worth the investment!

How have you sought to create memories in the following areas of your life:
  • In your home / family life?
  • In your work life?
  • In your play life?
  • In your spirituality?
I'd love to hear some of your ideas that have created great memories?

Friday, 25 January 2008

When You're Getting Payed Out

Wow... its been far too long!
The holidays have flown by and life is starting to roar along at the usual break neck speeds.

Was chatting in the hallways at work and heard a great line from Joyce Myer:

Are they sowing or are you reaping?

If someone is paying you out (a NZ term for telling you off) because they're just full of nonsense... or is it because you are reaping what you yourself have sown?
Its amazing how life is like a mirror... if you smile at it... it smiles back. If you dump your emotional refuse on others... other people dump on you!

So the next time you're 'getting it'... ask yourself the question, "Are they sowing... or am I reaping?"

I'd love to hear your comments!