Monday, 28 January 2008

Creating Memories

This weekend another one of my staff members just got married!
We traveled 1 1/2hrs down to Rotorua for the wedding and stayed the night in a motel. I originally wanted to just come straight home... but after some convincing from Tarryn we did end up staying... & I'm pleased that we did.

An important part of life is about accumulating great memories...
Today its so easy to get so busy and run around at break neck speeds that we simply don't take the time to create great memories.
Now granted... some of our best memories come from spontaneous moments... but by far the majority come from our crafting them. It takes time and it takes thought.... but its always worth the investment!

How have you sought to create memories in the following areas of your life:
  • In your home / family life?
  • In your work life?
  • In your play life?
  • In your spirituality?
I'd love to hear some of your ideas that have created great memories?

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