Friday, 25 January 2008

When You're Getting Payed Out

Wow... its been far too long!
The holidays have flown by and life is starting to roar along at the usual break neck speeds.

Was chatting in the hallways at work and heard a great line from Joyce Myer:

Are they sowing or are you reaping?

If someone is paying you out (a NZ term for telling you off) because they're just full of nonsense... or is it because you are reaping what you yourself have sown?
Its amazing how life is like a mirror... if you smile at it... it smiles back. If you dump your emotional refuse on others... other people dump on you!

So the next time you're 'getting it'... ask yourself the question, "Are they sowing... or am I reaping?"

I'd love to hear your comments!

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KJSmit said...

What's interesting to think about is the long term impact your sowing can have, even generations later the seed you sowed can be seen.