Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Another 'E' Word

As far as churches and Christianity goes... there are 2 'E' words that send a chill down peoples spines... Evangelism & Excellence.

Excellence is seen as a modern scourge that imposes humanism and secularism into the church. Keep the 'worlds' values out of the church... here we have our own set of values. We value 'good enough' and just want to be 'led' by God's Holy Spirit.

But is this a modern scourge?
Look at the excellence in the arts... just look at Michelangelo's Sistine chapel... a work that took him 4 years to complete.
It was said that while Michelangelo painstakingly painted the ceiling, often getting paint dripping into his eyes, he was challenged as to why he bothered with such fine detail when no one would be able to see the difference. Michelangelo quipped, "Ahh, but God will see!"

Look at the excellence that the Tabernacle of God was built with! (see Exodus 31)

So why have we shyed away from offering our best?

What are your thoughts?

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