Wednesday, 11 July 2007

An Angry God?

Being the holidays we are taking my 5 year old son to a Holiday Club on the days that my lovely wife Tarryn is working.
He has had an absolute ball. He's been to the movies and is loving the interaction with all the other kids.

The highlight of this holiday club has been a bus trip up to Auckland to go to the sea world in Missions Bay. He has been building in excitement with the passing of each day, absolutely ebulent for the upcoming trip.
So I tool him today... and to our horror... I had gotten the day of the trip mixed up. They had all left on a bus for Auckland 50 minutes ago.
I had one emotion... anger!

I was so angry that Ethan would be missing out on his big day trip.
I was so angry for the coming disappointment... for the crushed dream.

Then I remembered this Scripture:
Exo 4:13-14 MSG (13) He said, "Oh, Master, please! Send somebody else!" (14) GOD got angry with Moses: "Don't you have a brother, Aaron the Levite? He's good with words, I know he is. He speaks very well. In fact, at this very moment he's on his way to meet you. When he sees you he's going to be glad.

God appears to Moses and gives him his mission: to free the Israelites from their Egyptian slavery and lead them into the promised land.
You would think that Moses would be excited... but then you realize how daunting a task it really is... you empathize with Moses. You think of all the excuses you have made ...
Moses 5 times tried to get out of his assignment. 5 Times Moses tried to side step his mission.

Then God got angry!
Why? I believe like my anger at Ethan missing out on this great trip... God's anger is over our missed opportunities to be and do for His kingdom. God is angry that we will be the ones missing out by not accepting our faith adventure. God is angry that we will be stuck in the same place.

How am I angering God?
What actions do I need to take?
What attitudes must change?

PS) I drove Ethan up to Auckland to join the crew. Nothing was going to stand in my way of seeing Ethan have his big day!

I look forward to your comments : )


Gabby said...

Hi Clive

What a great lesson to be learnt from a seemingly ordinary everyday experience. Im glad Ethan got to enjoy his day out. It probably made you feel so much better seeing the smile on his face!


RiCO said...

I'm at Vision and just thought hey ill have a look on your blog, you know just pop in...
ha it is soo God I find myself reading all of them, well 4 but thats heaps when you just thought to pop in and read 1.

Your the man,
I believe its an amazing ministry...
for both of us