Friday, 22 June 2007

You Are Response-Able!

I've been reading a book called Who Took My Money. I came across something very interesting.

Robert Kiyosaki was talking about an investment he made into mutual funds when he was a young man. Basically a sales man came round and got him to invest.

When Robert visited his rich dad he was questioned about the investment. Robert really didn't know anything... and he was beginning to sense that he had made a really bad investment choice.
This was confirmed by the reports sent out by the investment company an the shares performance.

Rich dad proceeded to tell Robert that it wasn't that he had made a bad investment... but rather that he was a poor investor.
And that got me thinking. Isn't it so like our human nature to want to be able to point to someone / something else when things are going poorly. What we don't realize as we point elsewhere is that we have the rest of our fingers pointing straight back at us!

Was the investment bad... yes it was! But was Robert forced at gun point to invest in it? No! He was just a bad investor and so he chose a bad investment!

Its like John Maxwell says, "If you have been in a church as the senior leader for more than two years... then all the problems are your problems!"
It sounds really harsh... but it is in fact freeing!

I can change! I can choose to grow! I can choose new strategies!
It is actually very empowering to accept responsibility (response - ability).
How soul destroying hoping for something out there to change!

What situations do you need to accept responsibility for?
What plans will you put in place to change?

I look forward to your comments!

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