Sunday, 10 June 2007

JAMES MACPHERSON: Atheismism's Offspring

JAMES MACPHERSON: Atheismism's Offspring

This aritcle of James Macpherson's blog was too good not to share... I know you'll really enjoy it! (You can follow the link to James' blog by clicking the title or his name, or by looking under my section on web sites I'm surfing).

Atheism has made something of a comeback in the past 12 months with people like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris arguing passionately that belief in the transcendent is folly.

Atheism, the absolute belief that there is no Absolute, is the mother of ...

Materialism since without God, matter is all there is.

Hedonism since without God, now is all there is.

Relativism since without God, opinion is all there is.

Humanism since without God, we are all there is.

Nihilism since without God, random chance is all there is.

Atheism reduces human life to nothing more than random (nihilism) molecules (materialism) expressing irrelevant opinions (relativism) in the eternal now (hedonism).

It seems to me that while theism might make little sense to Dawkins, atheism makes nonsense of everything.

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