Sunday, 24 June 2007

Prepare To Prosper - Part 1

As you may have noted in the books I'm reading... Prepare To Prosper has been one of them. It was written by Joyce Meyer. The book is a mere 55 pages long... but it is a beauty. I thought I'd share the main thoughts of the book with you.

Joyce believes that a key missing element in why we don't see our financial seed (giving) come to harvest is because we have not watered our seed.
While sowing is obviously a key part to reaping a harvest, the seed in the soil if not in the correct environment will not bear fruit (or multiply).
[Let me just pause right here and make a note: some of you may be thinking that we should not be giving with an expectation of getting... thats just plain unspiritual!
But let me challenge you with 2 points:
1) Does a farmer ever sow a seed without an expectation of a harvest?
2) Do Christians really struggle with the problem of giving to reap when only 3% of Christians are actually tithing (giving 10% of their income to the church)?]

So how do we make sure that the seed experiences excellent conditions? Let me quote from the book:
"God has been showing me that many people sow without ever enjoying the harvest He would love to give them because they are not properly caring for the seed sown.
Proper seed
planted in proper ground
under proper conditions
produces a prosperous harvest!
The Lord spoke to my heart, 'Joyce, you need to have a special season of watering the seed you have sown. This is the preparation for a new level of prosperity."

So how exactly do we water the seed we have sown?
Have a think... ask God... and keep watching this space!

I look forward to your comments : )

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