Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Prepare To Prosper - Part 3

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Before we get into it... just a little question and challenge:
Did you spend time searching out for the answer?

There's a whole blogs worth of discussion right there... in fact... I have blogged on that before... click here to see that blog.

So to get right into our discussion today: in a nut shell (and no pun intended) - The Word of God spoken out in faith waters the seed.
Just as natural seed will not produce a harvest without being regularly watered, neither will spiritual seed.

But why is it that we so often go through challenging times financially when we do give?
It would seem that we go through a time of testing - a season of doing what is right even though we don't seem to be getting the right results. As we persist in faith, breakthroughs start to happen.
It is during this season that we must remember the words:
Pro 18:21 ESV
(21) Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

Another exert from Joyce's book:
"To begin blurting out negative statements from emotion is extremely unfruitful. Speaking out of our emotions is not the right thing thing to do. our emotions usually don't do well in times of testing. As we mature in Christ, we learn to control both the emotions and the mouth.
After we give - after our seed has been planted - we should speak life to it. Water that seed with the Word of God. Don't curse it by speaking negative things."

I look forward to your comments : )

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