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What School Do You Belong To?

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This is an excerpt from an article written by Pastor Paul Scanlon from the Abundant life Church . I actually heard this preached as well and really enjoyed it , I hope that you enjoy it too.

There are, broadly speaking, two distinct schools of thinking among charismatic Believers with regard to divine guidance and the discovery of God’s will for our lives.

School one, and by far the largest, is summed up by the mentality that says: ‘I don’t move without God’s guidance’.

School two is the complete opposite. It says: ‘I don’t expect God’s guidance until I move.’

I wonder which one you are in. Do you believe that God’s guidance is the cause of your movement, or an effect your movement causes?

Abraham was a member of school two. In Hebrews 11 we read that Abraham ‘obeyed and went, but he did not know where he was going’. In other words, Abraham wasn’t given a map, just a command to leave where he was and go in the general direction of Canaan. Of course we know that God directed his life at times very specifically, but that was only after he created the initial movement and momentum by his original obedience.
Although Abraham didn’t know where he was going, he did know where to leave. God told him to leave his country, people and family. If all you know is that you can’t stay where you are, then that’s enough to create movement in the right direction. We don’t need to know where to go or what to do next before we move.

Knowing that you can’t stay where you are is your inner compass pulling you towards the future; listen to it and follow it.
God will be many things to your life - a father, provider, healer and restorer - but one thing God will not be is your chauffer. God doesn’t want to be your driver in life, he wants you to drive and he will give directions as and when necessary. He wants to edit your life not create it.

Remember those ‘What Would Jesus Do’ bracelets? I think they were probably invented by the first school of guidance; those who don’t move before they know they have God’s specific guidance.
This WWJD fraternity did nothing to help mobilize a church that was already parked up, waiting on God. If our thinking and church cultures become dominated by ‘What Would Jesus Do’ instead of ‘How Would Jesus Think’, then we can end up wasting years praying and asking the Lord, ‘is it A or B?’ When you know how Jesus thinks you will always know what Jesus would do

Consider these often quoted scriptures on the theme of divine guidance:
‘In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps’
‘A man’s steps are directed by the Lord’
‘The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord’
These and others we could quote, all indicate that God directs steps or movement not stationary things. God is drawn to people in motion.

What has this got to do with evangelism?

Everything!!! Its so easy to get caught up in what I call virtual evangelism when we believe that we are actually doing everything to reach the lost, when in fact we are reaching no one ..we can plan, prepare and even present our case to God and others all from a stationery position but the reality is until we take actual steps and move towards those that need to hear the message the world will go to hell

Maybe you’re a firm believer in the first school of guidance, but I invite you to try the second school. I can’t promise that you will prefer it but I can promise you an adventure. Join school number two and just start doing something for God today!

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