Monday, 18 June 2007

God Speaks To Me In The Movies (Part 1 - Equilibrium)

Well, I'm at the movies again... and what a beauty this one was. Its one of my favorite.

In this movie the government has sought to eradicate feelings from all people. Emotions are blamed for the evils of man kind... wars, murders, jealousy, etc. (expect of course the murders committed by the government against 'sense offenders').
The government has eradicated people's feelings by using a drug called Prozium.

The main character John Preston (played by Christian Bale) begins to forsake his Prozium doses and begins the journey to feeling.

While interrogating a sense offender - Mary O'Brian - John is challenged with this statement, "What are you living for?" to which he could not muster a good enough answer to. He then challenges her with the same question, "What are you living for?"
Mary's response... "I'm living to feel."

Since the Greeks emotions and feeling have been looked down upon.
Even today when we say that someone is just emotional... we are not saying that in a positive light.

But what role (if any) should our emotions play in our faith?

Why did God give us emotions?

How can our emotions complement our faith?

When are emotions good and when are they counter-productive?

As always, I look forward to your comments : )

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Kev said...

Just a quick thought:

Learn't something useful this LifeChangers Weekend

Faith + Compassion = Healing


Faith + Compassion + Indignancy = Miracles

Our God given ability to be emotive, to empathise is a key to releasing an even greater level of faith that will see people healed and miracles come to pass.