Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Take The Power Back!

Today I need to rant...

I bought a gas heater last July from the Warehouse. What a beauty a gas heater is!!!
So I whipped it out just over 2 weeks ago to find that it was faulty. So we took it in ... and they sent it back to the manufacturer for repairs.
So for 2 very cold and uncomfortable weeks we waited... and waited ... and waited.

Finally we are told our prized possession has returned. Tarryn (my wife) picks it up and fires her up at home... excited like a little school girl expecting that seductive blast of warm air...
only to find that it was in the same state as when we sent it for repairs.
So Tarryn heads back to the Warehouse only to be told that they don't keep gas bottles to test their faulty products and that she would have to send the product herself to the manufacturer in Hastings! (not only that but she was given a poorly photocopied piece of paper explaining that due to the heaps of returns of the product... some of which are baseless... the customer must now send the product to the manufacturer).

Well as you can guess from this blog... I was not a happy camper. In fact I was down right seething at the treatment that Tarryn got.
I was down their the next morning and was determined that I was coming home with some heat!

As always, they wriggled and tried to squirm their way out of it. They even got me to speak to the manufacturer... but I wasn't budging... I wanted a working heater.
I demanded my money back (in a very nice but firm manner I might add - I must have been the nicest irate customer they have ever encountered)... they wriggled and squirmed... but they could tell that I wasn't accepting any excuses... any more delays... I would have my heat, and have it tonight.

As you've guessed... I'm sitting in my lounge right now... a rather toasty lounge...
I bought me an Italian model... almost double the price, but guaranteed to keep me from that irate customer space!

So here are 2 lessons from this escapade:

1) Don't just accept what is handed to you
2) You get what you pay for!

Let me ask you:
  • What has life thrown you that you have just accepted?
  • What promises from God have you given up on as circumstances stare down at you?
  • Have you let people treat you inappropriately?
  • What have you let slide?
  • Have you just given up on your mates coming to church / life group... on coming to Christ?
  • What price are you willing to pay to get what you want?
  • What price are you willing to pay to make Christ famous?
  • What price are you willing to pay to walk in your destiny?
I say... its time to take the power back!

As always, I look forward to your comments!


Anonymous said...

"excited like a little school girl expecting that seductive blast of warm air..."
Wow, dude, it is a creepy sentence even for a non-christian...

Rhys said...

Haha what an awesome post man!

Great example of what it means to drive and not give up to get not only what you want but what you deserve.

Very challenging word personally :)

Ryan O'Connor said...

That's funny clive. I love the challenge at the end... it's hilarious what you can come up with from a bung heater!

Oh by the way, I think Dave txt you. Am I able to get baptised after the 10:40 on the 8th July?