Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Power of 30 Days

In our staff meeting the other day we were talking about the power of the 30 day challenge. Often we set long-term goals only to find the longevity of the goal causing us to loose motivation and hope which leads to us giving up on our goal.

30 days on the other hand... that is a manageable length of time.
I suppose its like running. Instead of thinking about the 5 / 10 kms that are still to be run, if you break it down into the next 3 / 4 blocks or the next km.
Mentally this is much easier to cope with and will much more likely result in you achieving your goals.

With this in mind we were all encouraged to take a 30 challenge.
My 30 day challenge is to play Freerice for 30 days improving my word power... and more importantly feeding some very needy people.

What 30 day challenge are ready to pick up?

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Rhys Lake said...

Hey man - Foos on Tues!

Looking forward to it :) Hey I've done a post on temptation and the Proverbs 5 adulteress if you wanna check it out.
Catch you soon man