Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Same Old Same Old?

What an incredible weekend we had at Eastside! Ps Nick was just on fire as he spoke about the impact our church is having overseas. We have seen over 500 churches planted last year... or ten a week... or 1 new church planted every 16hours!
While these stats are wonderfully exciting... there was something else that caused our excitement to peak... and that Ps Nick's personal passion for what is going on overseas!

Passion for your subject is possibly one of the greatest elements that one can possess in your communication arsenal. If you're not squirming with passion then your audience certainly will be left cold... no matter how exciting your content!

On another communication subject, isn't it amazing how our packaging of a message can make all the difference in how it is recieved?
If I had several bags on a table which one of the following would you pick:
  • A MacDonald's bag
  • A Warehouse bag
  • A Meccano bag (elite mens fashion shop)
  • A KMart bag
  • A $2 Dollar shop bag
Chances are that the choice would be a no-brainer!
But hang on now... we haven't even discussed what was in those bags!
Just the branding of those bags gave us some strong feelings.

How do we present the timeless message of the Gospel?
Out of touch?

Check out this great video which has kept the same 'timeless' content but radicaly changed the delivery:

Let me know your thoughts : )


Anonymous said...

The main way to package anything is with love. After all ... God is love. We want people to see God in us? Love them, even when dealing with the difficult things. I'm not a brilliant theologian but I can impact people because I love them. Love opens hearts. Then people want to hear our words. :-)

Rhys Lake said...

Yeah that's good - I like the "Love opens hearts, then people want to hear our words". I reminded of what Paul said about how without love our words are nothing but a clonging bell.

That youtube clip is legendary, how'd you find it?

Clive Smit said...

I totally agree that every bit of communication needs to be birthed out of love and clothed with grace!
Sometimes we can unintentionally communicate a message that seems to be without grace, mercy and compassion. Unfortunately... we often learn from hindsight.