Monday, 12 May 2008

Common Communication Mistakes

One of my personal passions is communicating... so to follow in the steps of the last post on How To Present Like Steve Jobs I want to send you to a really great post by the Church Marketing Sucks blog. Click HERE to check it out.

Let me know which of the 9 points spoke to you the most.
For me points 3 & 8 were particularly challenging.

Until next time : )

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Anonymous said...

I like #2. Don't copy other people's methods. One key to connecting with the audience is to just be yourself. It was being yourself that got you on the podium in the first place, so let that shine through. An important aspect of this is ensuring a speaker talks on a topic they connect with. It's very hard to write a speech, blog or anything at all if we don't have some passion for the subject at hand. So... be yourself, talk on what you have a heart for (because then you will be naturally passionate and enthusiastic and this will affect the audience) ... to me that's a great start.