Wednesday, 21 May 2008

5 Questions To Ask When Preparing To Communicate

What a great week I've had. I got to see Iron Man with my wife on Monday (if you didn't realize it... I'm a bit of a super-hero's geek) [The movie was phenomenally well done by the way] and tonight I've had a turbo group (a 4 week life group which trains up potential life group leaders with practical skills and tips on life group leading). I just love hanging out with the crew from my church! I am so blessed to be in the position that I am.

We have been looking at communication over the last few posts... and I have one more link to send you on as we deal with the subject of communication. Click HERE to follow the link to Ps Mark Conner's blog post on communication.

Finally as I sign off, I have found a really cool word for you to throw in your conversations:
pronounced: om-fuh-loh-skep-sis (thanks to
It means navel-contemplation.
If you ask me churches have no shortage of omphaloskepsis going on!

Let me know what you thought : )

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