Thursday, 15 May 2008

How 333 Could Lift Your Communication!

Without meaning to at all... I seem to have had a few posts lately on the subject of communication.
For a leader I do feel that one's ability to communicate is fundamental. I believe the greater your position / responsibility, the greater your communication skill needs to be. After all... how can we influence without communication (that includes non-verbal communication)?

I was looking at the Church Video Idea's blog and came across a post that contained a great video on communication called "PresenTired: 'The Voicemail" Click HERE to check the video out.

If you know of some great video's / illustrations / etc. on communication please do pass them on to me. It would be much appreciated!

I have also posted some more thoughts on our church blog giving 5 reasons why we should go to church... so if you're curious then click HERE.

Until next time...

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