Friday, 16 May 2008

Who Say's You Can't Get Anything For Nothing?

While snooping around the web... I found this FREE book called Facebook For Pastors. If you're keen to check it out then Click HERE.

WOW... isn't it exciting when you can get your hands on a bargin : )

What have been your experiences in using technology to connect with people, share your story and your faith?
I look forward to hearing your stories.


Pete Clouston said...

Hey Clive, thanks for asking the question about using technology to connect with people. I have just started asking similar questions myself. There's a 60 strong Eastside group on Facebook so I'm thinking (and going to be asking the group members) about how (besides re-advertising events etc) an Eastside Facebook group can be used for teaching, posting of questions and answers, vids/pics, encouragement...all hopefully very much in a collaborative environment - like "we're all on this journey together". Probably a slightly different focus to a Bebo/MySpace type group and possibly different demographics. But we've got a lot of very digitally literate people out here so I guess I'm sensitive to creating information overload but on the other hand can see there is quite a but if potential, most of it unidentified. Another thing is the potential to make sermons downloadable by individuals - I'm guessing we have a digital copy of each service which we use to create CDs when people order them? Obviously I'd love to hear your thoughts! I don't necessarily have all the time to make this happen technically but I'm certainly willing to at least chip in with my 5 cents on the strategic side :-) And in the meantime I'll have a read of that bargain download... catch ya.

Clive Smit said...

I think that getting conversation going is awesome!!!
Our new website will have podcasting on it. The new web site should be released by June.
Let me know how you go setting up that group.

Pete C said...

Cheers...exciting to hear about the new site including podcasts! We could advertise the new site ahead of time and build some excited expectation maybe? Out of interest were you directly involved in what the new site would look like?

Clive Smit said...

I will have a better idea about the launch date middle of this week... but it should be in the next 2 weeks.

Yes I have basically overseen the web development. We've had to balance making the web really easy to manage by us non-PC minded folk in the office and making the web site look sharp and be user friendly.

I wasn't really sure how to join the Facebook Eastside church group... could you send me an invite?