Monday, 28 April 2008

It's A Force For Good Too!

Well we just finished our series at church called My Lame Sex Life. We spoke on Porn - its far reaching effects and how to cope with it. In a weeks time you will be able to get the resources by following this LINK

Here are a few of the highlight statistics on Porn:
  • The Porn industry makes US$56Bil p.a.
  • The average age of a persons first contact with porn = 11
  • US$3bil is made on child porn
  • 1000's of porn sites target kids by having name pages that are mis-spelt kids cartoon characters
  • 800 000 people are illegally shipped across borders each year in the slave industry... the majority of these are used in the sex industry
  • 47% of Christians admit that porn is a major issue in their household
The internet has certainly been taken advantage of by wicked people...
but it is also a place of much good! One such sight is
Here is an excerpt from their site's FAQ:

Will the rice I donate make a difference?

The rice you donate makes a huge difference to the person who receives it. According to the United Nations, about 25,000 people die each day from hunger or hunger-related causes, most of them children. To a mother or father watching a loved child die in their arms from hunger, the rice you donate is more precious than anything in the world.

The site uses a fantastic win-win model:
You play... and increase your word knowledge
those in poverty benefit 20 grains of rice for each word you get right!

Don't wait another second... CLICK HERE to give it a go... and make a difference in someone's life!

Let me know what you thought!

PS: If you know of other similar sights please do let me know!

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