Wednesday, 9 April 2008

10 Questions And More

Well, life sure has been hectic over the past few days... but very very exciting too!
Sunday we kicked off our series in the 6pm service at Eastside Church called
My Lame Sex Life... you can check out the web site by clicking HERE (

I am really excited about the series. As soon as our new web site is launched you will be able to
get the podcasts! I'll keep you updated!!!

Then on Monday evening I went to the first
UNITED VISION OF PRAYER meet at a hill over looking our city. 11 of us spent an hour praying for our city. It was so awesome to see the young people's hearts growing for their city. Watch this space, cause this monthly prayer meet is going to go through the roof!

Then today I met with 4 other core churches from the Vision Youth Network that I run... and we began to plan for our first city wide event... exciting! God is doing something special in our land of Aetoroa (New Zealand).

Check out an exciting
international prayer event HERE to be run through the local church.

Well enough about this excited cat... let me leave you with a phenomenal set of
10 questions for evaluating yourself as a team leader that I got from's blog. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Let me know what you thought : )

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