Monday, 14 April 2008

The Bible in Lego

Hi to all my readers. I must apologize that I have have been absent... it has just been one of those weeks.

Tonight we had Part 2 of our My Lame Sex Life series in the 6pm service: We had guests Pastor Wayne & Pastor Ruth Swift. They were an absolute hoot and had some really great thoughts. Hopefully by the end of the month our new web site will be launched with all our podcast ready to roll. In the mean time though you can check out the web site:

I am constantly amazed with the Bible. No matter how many times you have read it... you always get new and fresh revelations.
God's Word brings life... healing... it calls things that aren't as though they were...
And now... it even comes in lego! Click HERE to check out the bricktestament.

Let me know what you thought!

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Rhys Lake said...

Hey man,

How's things? I'm interested to hear the podcasts on 'mylamesexlife' when they're online. It's a pretty full on issue but I'm keen to hear how you guys tackle it :)

I checked out the brick testament - it's awesome man!

Hope you're doing well,

Ross McPhee said...

I'm sure that's the Lego version of Obi-Wan Kenobi in that picture.