Friday, 4 April 2008

Vision Flows Down From The Top

I've been preparing for Sunday's message as we kick off our new series called My Lame Sex Life. So my brain is a bit too tired to come up with a post... so I'll link you to a phenomenal post by a great young Pastor.
By the way... why not check out

If you have been in leadership for a period you would recognize that one of the greatest challenges we as leaders face is to keep people focused on the vision. Steve Furtick of Elevation church writes on this topic in another great post. I have given a one liner from his post and then a link that you can click to listen to a 25 min streaming audio message.

Understanding and passing the vision down from the top may be one of the best things we do as a church...

CLICK HERE to listen

Let me know your thoughts on how to pass on vision to those you lead.

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