Friday, 18 April 2008

Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag

In gearing up for my message on 'Porn: Whats the big deal?' which I will speak at the conclusion of our series entitled: My Lame Sex Life (check out I thought I'd show you Tommy's story (you can find more these stories at XXXCHURCH)


Anonymous said...

Well done on tackling this topic with young people. They so need to hear it. Do you plan to show this video at your service? I'm sure it's intended to be disturbing, the situation depicted is, it highlights how wrong each part of the situation is - you may find this is also 'triggering' to survivors of sexual abuse. Something to keep in mind.

Clive Smit said...

Thank you for your kind comments.
To be honest I posted the wrong video!
I do like this video though because we never think of the girls used in the video... sure some have chosen this as a proffesion... but there are many girls... and dare I say even guys who have been forced into this.
Its estimated that over 800 000 people are smuggled across borders each year... and a large majority of these people are used in the sex trade.

You are right that this video could dredge up bad memories... we'll have to see about providing adequate counseling for such folks.

J. said...

Many who choose that profession have been abused in their youth or have been coerced or groomed into participating. Or the people involved do it for the $$$ to feed a drug habit. With some of the backgrounds, how much of a choice is it really? It makes me so sad when I think of those who value themselves so little that they allow themselves to be used that way. Some are forced into it by a need to earn big $$$ to sustain drug habits. This industry, the hurt, the heartbreak, the degradation show just how much we need God to come and heal broken hearts and lives.

I'd encourage anyone out there reading, who wants help, to reach out. Choose who you reach out to carefully but don't be afraid of judgement or condemnation. We're all sinners and I know there are many Christians out there who would consider it an honour to be able to come alongside you and help you overcome this and build a closer walk with God.

Kev said...

Are you intending to post the other video, be interested to watch it. This is an uncomfortable video to watch, interesting, that this type of video generates such a response but look at the tv, movies we watch and I bet it doesn't illicit the same emotive response. I wonder why? Worth thinking about next time we something that goes against God's view of us.