Thursday, 7 February 2008

Self Leadership

I don't know what the new year has been like for you but for me I feel like I'm moving at warp speed. In the next month we are launching our Elevate (highschool) and Reverb (18-25's) services, getting life groups off the ground, having our first Internationals O'Week dinner, our big O' Week push at the Uni and our combined camp. WHEW!

In all this craziness I came across a great quote that I really resonated with:

"We often think that self leadership is the making of good decisions every day, when the reality is that we need to make a few critical decisions in major areas of life and then manage those decisions day to day."
Dr. John Maxwell

It has been this way in my life, and my struggles have always come when I have taken my eye off of ensuring that those key decisions were managed well. Like having a daily devotion for instance. Or spending time with the family or friends. Like sharing my faith with people.

What are your key critical decisions that you have made or need to make for your life?
I look forward to hearing about yours.

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Jeremy Sargent said...

Hey Clive
Great topic,its killing people spiritually and emotionally I tell you .
I had to much to say ,So I blogged it