Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Enjoy the Ride!

"Get used to enjoying the journey because the destination is a mirage."
Steven Furtick

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes the journey is hard slog towards a destination that may well be a mirage. I think the key is to enjoy where we're at, the beauty of the spot we're located at currently, and embrace what we're doing in the present because ultimately, none of us know what's at the end of the road. That can be challenging so we need to make sure we care for ourselves along the way and stay close to God - or we might run out of petrol before we get to the end of the road we're travelling. Then we're stuck. No matter what we see at the end of the road we don't know what side roads might become visible as we journey - side roads that might add to the interest and appreciation of the road we're travelling. And what looks like a detour, or the wrong way around, may even turn out to be a short-cut! :-)