Saturday, 9 February 2008

How Are You Making A Difference?

I wanted to give you an exert from John Maxwells book, 'The 360' Leader':

"In our culture people ask, '
What do you do?' not, 'Who are you?' or, 'How are you making a difference?" Most people place too much emphasis on titles and position instead of impact.

If you are ever tempted to spend too much time and energy on getting out of the middle, then change your focus. Instead, put your effort toward reaching your potential and doing the most good you can where you are. Anytime you focus on developing your position instead of yourself, you are in effect asking, '
Am I becoming the person others want me to be?' But if you focus on developing yourself instead of your title or position, then the question you will repeatedly ask is, 'Am I becoming all that I can be."

Great food for thought!
Let me know your thoughts.

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