Tuesday, 7 August 2007

I Want To Give You Peace - Part 1

Today, we are willing to go to almost any length to get comfort.
But often, the cost of our comfort is way higher than we ever bargained for.

We prefer to live an easy life and so we settle into mediocrity and take the long slow meaningless road through life... so void of meaning and adventure that is slowly suffocates the life out of us.

We prefer to rest in the comfort of avoidance and live a lie rather than face people with the honest truth.

We prefer to have our house with a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, 2 family cars and a batch... rather than join the adventure of sowing financially into God's Kingdom... investing in people.

We prefer our cheaper goods made by slave labor rather than pay an extra $10 for a product made by free workers.

Comfort is killing us of our soul.
How is your romance with comfort?

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Glen Mathews said...

Wow. Amazing. Really challenging Clive. I think Christians have become too comfortable. They find it too easy to sit back and soak up the spirit of God without a shadow of a thought that we should be sharing that spirit with the lost, hurting people of this world. Peter, one of Jesus disciples, was willing to be crucified upside down for his saviour, he didn't care about the comforts of this world. Today's Christians need to make a huge personal change, myself included.