Thursday, 9 August 2007


On Cambell Live tonight (Wednesday) they did a piece on properties for sale on second life. One of the estate agencies has bought an island and is selling off the virtual land.
An interesting comment was made by the estate agent being interviewed... he said, "By 2011 80% of internet users will have an aviator (character) on second life."
[Now I'm not sure if that is a Kiwi stat or a global stat].
{Thursday morning stats for second life: There are over 8.5 million people registered with second life. Over US$1.3million was spent during the last 24 hours in the second life virtual world. There are at least 4 Universities who have a presence with virtual class rooms in second life - Wellington Uni being one of them}

It got me thinking... what presence do we as the church have in second life?
This certainly is a vast field of opportunity for those Christians who will be onto it enough!
Check out lifechurch's blog about their second life campus.
[Life church is a phenomenal church that is seriously savvy. Check them out, just click here.

Good on Lifechurch for blazing the way... but will we take up the opportunity?
Or will the internet be another wasted opportunity like TV was when it first came out (Christians were offered free channels, but declined as television was evil and from the devil!)

I look forward to your comments!

PS: If you want to find out more about second life then follow this link.

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