Friday, 3 August 2007

God Speaks To Me In The Movies (Part 1 - Amazing Grace)

What struck me in this movie is that if we are to change our worlds... it aint gonna happen overnight.
Its going to take passion, a great team around you, devoted friends and persistence that makes the bull dogs grip look like child's play!

In the movie Wilberforce was so close to giving up on his life mission after 15 years of 'failure' (although those 15 years was creating a sweeping movement and thought across the British empire). Without the encouragement of his wife and his closest friend the Prime Minister, Wilberforce would have sold out on his mission.

  • What is your mission in life?
  • Who have you surrounded yourself with? Are they supporters and lifters of your mission?
  • Do you have devoted friends who will challenge you when you give up?
  • What is your persistence quotient? How easily do you give up?

What lessons did God speak to you about in the movie?

I look forward to your comments : )

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