Friday, 20 April 2007

To Godtube or not to Godtube

The world has been swept by the Youtube craze which allows anyone to post videos about just about anything. It has led to many people becoming 'world famous' with 1 000's of people viewing their videos each week.

By posting a video you can create a craze across our global village... some for good (like Bono's message on taking responsibility for the poor... and some that aren't so good (like the teens who record themselves boosting cars and beating up other kids, etc)

But there is set to be a new craze in the Christian community... Godtube. I first logged on when they had just 5 videos...
but I logged in just a week later and their have been over 900 video posts. Check out this amesome video

But here is my question... should we have a separate community... or should Christians focus on being salt in the 'world's' communities? Check out this video that tells us why Godtube is Stupid

So what do you think?

But before you make up your mind lets heed Proverbs 18:17 which says:
The first to present his case seems right,
till another comes forward and questions him.
Check out this counter video on Why Godtube might not be so Dumb

So now, what do you think? Post a comment on: to Godtube or not to Godtube

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