Sunday, 29 April 2007

Help Me To See!

Have you ever moved into a new house? It is so exciting. If you are like me, you dream about all the changes that you would like to make around the place. You enthusiastically make a 'hit list'. However... if you don't tick off the items on your hit list within 6 months... the chances are that you never will!

What happens is that as you move into your house you easily notice all the things that need changing and repairing. However, as you spend more and more time in your new home... you slowly and ever so subtly just get used to that crack in the wall... the pink bathroom just doesn't bother you so much anymore... that tired paint on the wall becomes... well normal. We accept it. We no longer see anything wrong.

But this doesn't just happen when we move into a new house. This very same phenomenon happens in our lives! We know that we have certain issues that need to be worked on... and if we don't address these issues in our lives, they very quickly become the norm... acceptable, and so we slide into mediocrity.

Thats why I believe that we need people from the outside to come in and evaluate us. These can be people you see maybe even as little as once a year, but they know you and are able to speak into your life and point out those issues that have just become normal to you.
These people will be worth their weight in gold to you! Pray and seek them out. Make this a priority.

Lets commit to Kaizan... and in a few years time you'll be amazed at the person you have become!

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