Thursday, 19 April 2007

The Power Of The Little Man

In each and everyone of us lies two very opposing polls...
There is a part of us that senses that we can... and we should make a difference. That we were destined for greatness - this is what I blame my obsession with superhero's on. We esteem hero's, we want to be hero's... we desire to be difference makers.
Then of course there is that part of us that believes that we are too small and insignificant to really make a difference. We question ourselves 'Who do you think you are?' We shake our head at our foolish and prideful thoughts that we could actually be difference makers.

And thus we have the greatest battles that must be fought... daily. Which thought will win and thus determine your life's outcome? I do believe that Henery Ford had it right when he said,
"If you think that you can do a thing, or you think that you can't do a thing, you're right."
Unfortunately most of us tend to go with the negative thought and believe that we really can't make a difference... and so we don't.
But the truth is... it is the small, the average man that is making the greatest difference in our world today.
Most of us were amazed to see Warren Buffett give away 85% of his fortune (thats 85% of US$44Bil) and we think, 'Wow, what it is to be a difference maker.' But the truth is that over 70% of all money raised for Not -for-Profit organizations is given by the average Joe and not by the massive corporations as one would have thought. In fact it has been worked out that if just the Christians in the US gave a full tithe to their churches, there would be enough money to eliminate world hunger and still have millions left over for evangelism!
Never again believe the lie that you can't make a difference! Decide today that you will be a difference maker. Decide today to do something small and you'll be amazed by how much of a difference you'll make in your world!

Imagine living in a world where we all believed that we could make a difference.
Would there be poverty?
Would there be suicides & depression?
Would the world be reached for Christ?

What do you think?
(I look forward to your comments)

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