Friday, 27 April 2007

The Most Powerful Way To Share Your Faith

The following is an article taken from the 'Here I Am Send Me' website which is run by Jeremy Sargent of Eastside Church in Hamilton.
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Evangelism would be very easy if everybody who was going to be saved would wear a fluorescent sticker on the forehead stating “Please tell me how i can be saved.”Wouldn’t this make the job of the evangelist so much easier and save a lot of “Wasted” time?

Well, the Lord hasn’t chosen this “Ideal” (or so it would seem) way of dealing with those who don’t know him.He has instead given us a very simple way of dealing with those who don’t know him; Listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.In the book of Acts, Phillip the evangelist was told by the Holy Spirit to go and stand by the Chariot. He did, and he found a hungry soul looking for salvation. It all turned out well and the convert even suggested his own baptism should occur.

So, good evangelism is not witnessing according to a particular teaching (although teaching is necessary for good evangelism) nor is it presenting the same formula over and over to different people in order to get a result.(although if you process enough people with this method you will have some return for your work)

Good evangelism is listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit as to WHAT THAT PARTICULAR PERSON NEEDS TO HEAR AT THAT PARTICULAR TIME, and listening to what the person you are talking to is really saying.

Example;I met a man at the Otorohanga Fair Last weekend who used to go to Church. He had just had the death of one of his Children in December and was still reeling from grief. He had also had another one of his children die previous to the last one. Not all have the fortitude and strength of Job to bear up under extreme circumstances like this. He had returned to drinking alcohol for comfort.

He didn’t need to hear that getting drunk was sinful, but he needed to hear some truth. So I said to him, “Alcohol is a thing. It is not a person and so it cannot really comfort you. You need a person to comfort you in your grief. I recounted how God himself had to watch his own Son on the cross. God is acquainted with grief more than anyone in this world. I then said I would pray for him regularly. I have put his name on my mobile phone to remind me of his situation.The Spirit blows where He wants to. Listen up and be ready to obey.

Peter Guyot

Let me encourage you to put this article into practice today! Trust me, when you ask Jesus for opportunities, and you ask Him to guide you each step of the way, you'll be amazed by the results!

So log on to the 'Here I Am Send Me' website and share your faith adventure stories under the 'Breaking The Sound Barrier' tab.

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