Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Who Will You Choose To Offend?

Choosing who you are willing to offend is probably one of the most important leadership questions that you need to answer if you are going to be effective in seeing your God-given vision fulfilled. Want to know why? Then read this great (and short) post from Strategy Central. Just click HERE.

Hope you enjoy the post. Let me know your thoughts : )

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Anonymous said...

When we have a strong vision there are always going to be people who don't like what we stand for. If the vision we have and what we stand for offends, the other person needs to own that. That's more of a personality thing. If we are offensive in that we are willing to step on other people to achieve our goals, that kind of offensiveness needs us to take a good look at ourselves. The yard stick I use to measure such things is whether I could stand before God with a clear conscience. When challenged on who I offend if there needs to be a choice, my integrity comes first. That's not always easy but doing the right thing, as gently as possible, is the most important consideration.