Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Resourcing Yourself

Hey gang, great to have you visiting my blog. I have just written a great post on my churches blog which has a really great thought, a challenging quote and an encouraging video. Its well worth the visit! Just click HERE to check it out.

I was just thinking about it the other day and I have really noticed a significant shift in the way I resource myself. I used to have about 3 - 4 books on the go all the time... but over the last month and a half my reading has really slowed down while my listening to podcasts has really shot through the roof.
What are your top 3 methods of resourcing yourself? I'd be really interested in hearing from you!

Well, I will sometime in the near future get the podcasts that I'm listening to on the side bar of this blog. Who are your favorite preachers to podcast?
My top 3 have differing styles but each one really hits the spot for me.
In case you're wondering who they are here goes (in no particular order):
Till next time...


Rhys Lake said...

Hey man, I'm really visual so struggle abit with podcasts to focus just on audio, however, I love to listen to Phil Pringle and to Rob Bell.


I'd love to be able to put up audio clips of our own messages on here but I don't know how. It'd be cool to hear to preaching!

Kev said...

Rhys should download the video podcasts then. Go itunes.

For me my top 3:

Andy Stanley - absolute legend at North Point Community Church

Erwin McManus - Mosaic

Catalyst Podcast - Great interviews with leaders in church, community & business