Thursday, 10 May 2007

The Romance With Status Quo

Have you ever noticed how quickly we 'settle in'... become comfortable... and are easily flirted by status quo?
I don't know about you... but too often I am aroused only to find myself in status quo's arms.
Too easily will I accept that certain things are just beyond me.

But doesn't Scripture say:

Romans 8:37 (New International Version)37No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

So why is it that we feel so easily defeated, so very willing to embrace status quo, so very accepting that there are certain things that we just can not do.

How many adults are there without any education... who just believe that they could never do a higher education course? ... and so they don't.
How many parents are there that just never had the opportunity to read... and still believe that they can never read? ... and so they suffer shame everday.
How many Christians believe that God could never use them in XYZ... and so they never step out? ... and you guessed it, God never does anything through them!

I was watching 20/20 the other night and saw a piece on Mikes Maths. This guy is a maths genius who goes into schools and volunteers... showing kids how to work these systems that he has come up with that enables them to compute in their heads crazy maths problems like 56 x 56. After learning Mike's system, in about 10 seconds you could work out that multiplication problem (the answer by the way is 3136!).

I can hear you already... 'but thats impossible'... 'you must have used a calculator'... etc.
I can still remember the night I saw the show... I was excitedly tackling all sorts of crazy digited maths numbers... and was cranking out these wild answers that were actually correct. I was excited!
Now to put this in context... I flunked maths at high school... I was severly disinterested and was not a fan of my maths teacher. I had formed a mental block with maths. I went from achieving high 70's to failing miserably! I began to believe that maths was beyond me.
I accepted the fact that I just plain sucked at maths... until I watched the show...

I decided to give it a go as I witnessed these young kids solving these crazy sums. With intrepidation I worked out my first sum...
How freeing to cast off that old restriction... that misbelief about myself! I can still feel that excitment now!

What false beliefs do you need to challenge?
What is there waiting for you to break out of your old confined thinking?
What miracles lay before you?

Find one thing... and commit to spending this week breaking out of those confines... to walking on water... to see the miraclous in your life!

As always I look forward to your comments!


James said...

and was not a fan of my maths teacher.

Isn't this often the way? We limit our ability to learn off others by how much we like them! I know it is slightly off topic for your post but I actually think this is quite significant.

I was homeschooled most of my life, but I went to school while dad was studying in Canada. My science teacher was a very inspirational man, he really sparked my interest in science. Then when I came to eastside and got involved with the sound ministry I caught the Computer Bug off Geoff and Stele.

I think my interest in science, and my love for computers would still exist without those people but who knows if it would have gone very far if it hadn't been for some of those people...

One of the things I think I've learn't in my 20's (not very long so far) is the ability to learn from people who I don't necessarily like or who aren't super inspirational. Everyone has things they can teach us, if we are willing to learn. I've heard a number of parents say how much their kids have taught them, and people who just got married suddenly realising their parents have soo much more they can teach them.

We have to be careful who we learn from, and make sure what we learn is true and righteous but we sometimes have to put aside our attitudes towards others if we truly want to learn from them.

Anonymous said...

Well aren't you on the ball with your blogging and what not? wowy! I like the facts from Ps Danny, very neat. Things this side are slow today but that's ok, gave me time to BLOG!

Nice to hear your thoughts, about the status quo. Kinda links with my thoughts on my blog, but what I was meaning was nice to hear your thoughts.. thoughts are interesting and so easy to connect with. I like thoughts that are informative sometimes rather than information. (there's a thought)!

Bless ya buddy, I'm sure your family is missing you heaps, come back wiser and cooler, but make sure you come back! (and bring Nick)


Kev said...

I find we accept things aren’t ideal, but hey it’ll do, it’ll still work. We know we can get away with mediocre and won't get reprimanded for it.

The greatest danger for most lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.

Excellence is a quality found in God and should be found in us as His reps. Our way of life should reflect the God we claim to represent.

Cat said...

So were you planning on telling us how to do the crazy maths?!?!?

I joined the craze so should you find some spare time...


Rhys said...

Hey bro, I fully agree ay. All of us have areas that we allow ourselves to lose heart in and just let them pass us by.

Real encouraging mate - Kev tipped me off to your blog by the way :)

Stepping out with you....


RiCO said...

hey, tell me about the maths,
blog is the dog. oh and clive you are so preciously DARB! ha

peace out, love your work.


Clive Smit said...

You can find the link by clicking on the words Mike's Maths... it'll take you straight to his web site : )