Saturday, 12 May 2007

God Speaks To Me In The Movies (Part 1 - The Prestige)

I have just finished watching The Prestige tonight for the second time. I definitely felt that it was my best movie of 06! It was simply... DELICIOUS!

In the film we see a character for only about 2-3 mins... his name is Chung Ling Soo. Chung Lung Soo is an illusionist... and commits his entire life to living out his 'act'. Below is a short description taken from Wikipedia:

Den Shewman of Creative Screenwriting says the film asks how far one would go to devote oneself to an art. The character of Chung Ling Soo, according to Shewman, is a metaphor for this theme.[7] Film critic Alex Manugian refers to this theme as the "meaning of commitment."[24] For example, Soo's pretense of being slow and feeble misdirects his audience from noticing the physical strength required to perform the goldfish bowl trick, but the cost of maintaining this illusion is the sacrifice of individuality: Soo's true appearance and freedom to act naturally are consciously suppressed in his ceaseless dedication to the art of magic.

Soo in the movie is depicted as a crippled old man... which is all an act which enables him to carry the bowl between his legs. The incredible thing though is that even when the show is done Soo continues on his act, walking around with a crippled demeanor. His entire life, every waking moment was committed to this cause... to pulling off this great illusion so that he could hear the applause of the crowd... so he could please them.

I was amazed at how far this man was willing to go to accomplish his purpose...
I suppose the entire movie is questioning 'how far we are willing to go'.

It kinda made me think... how far am I willing to go for my Cause?
What sacrifice, what amount of discipline am I willing to go to for my audience of one... Jesus Christ?
How far am I willing to go to please Him?
I am so challenged...

What parts of the movie spoke to you?
What comments do you have from this Blog?
I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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