Sunday, 13 May 2007

Nothing But God!

Tonight I thought I'd just leave you with a simple... yet powerful thought:

In the beginning there was nothing but God.

Then God created a world - for it to perceive that there is nothing but God.

I'd love to hear your comments!


RiCO said...

isn't it pretty much the opposite, peoples big issue is that they think there is no god.
if people started to get the thing that (human)life is all about God.

my grandma puts it awesomly, i said grandma why god create us originally, and she simply said: cos he wanted a big family!
this has spurred me on, go to my blog and ive written my full idea's

RiCO said...

hey clive, just fnished that post on God the creator!
ive asked God to show me, and tonight he did, id be keen to share it with elevate, 7pm anyone who will listen soon, but have a look and tell me what ya think, god is good, and when he shows up you know it, yeah?. ha sure do.