Friday, 23 January 2009

It's Time To Bungy!

WOW... there is nothing quite like putting it out there for everyone to hold you accountable!
I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows what to do... but loves to procrastinate : )

For a few weeks I've toyed with the idea of reading each of the 4 Gospels completely each week for 3 months. I knew it would be a big challenge... so I put the decision off.

It's easy to do that when it's just an idea in your head.
I felt like a bungy jumper... on the side of a bridge, nervously peering over the edge. You procrastinate and procrastinate and procrastinate. Eventually out of no-where you find your feet taking charge of the situation and lunging off the bridge.

That happened to me when I blurted out at my Elevate Leaders Lifegroup that I was starting the challenge.
Well after I told the group... was committed. So first things first... I procrastinated getting started till the next week. When the new week rolled around I figured I should work out just how many chapters that I'd need to read each day... 13! GULP!!!

This is my 4th day... currently I'm 7 chapters behind (I've been catching up)...
While the challenge is daunting, I feel relaxed and am enjoying the high speed 'water blast' in the Word.
The words from the Ethics of the Fathers are continually on my mind:

"Rabbi Meir said, 'Lessen your work for worldly goods, and be busy in the Torah. Be humble of spirit before all people. If you neglect the Torah, many causes for neglecting it will present themselves to you, but if you work in the Torah, He has abundant reward to give you."

Avot 4:12

So let me throw a challenge out to you: 'What are you procrastinating on?'

Which group or individuals do you need to blurt out to?
Go ahead, let your legs (or mouth in this case) lunge you off the bridge and into your destiny!

I look forward to your comments!


AnonAsUsual said...

I think the key with goal setting it to set realistic goals. It is more encouraging, for me anyway, to set a more realistic goal and then exceed it than to set a major goal and fail to achieve it. It is easier to revise up than down.

Good quote from Rabbi Meir. We can always find reasons not to spend time in God's word.

What am I procratinating on? I've been meaning to move on from my church for a few months now and have had in mind a church to visit. Yesterday a friend mentioned that they had checked out this church and some of the things she said about it really encouraged me so I'm going to be brave and try it this weekend. It's never easy to go somewhere different but time to stop procrastating!

Matthew Martyn said...

nice. ill let you know my commitment this coming week!!!

Clive Smit said...

Hey AnonAsUsual... good luck with stepping out. May I inquire as to why you feel you need to move from your church?
Let me know how it goes.

As for setting realistic goals... I agree, but every now and again you need some big audacious hairy ones that you can't accomplish by yourself!

Clive Smit said...

I look forward to hearing from you Matt!

AnonAsUsual said...

For a lot of right reasons is all I'll say about the reasons for moving on Clive. It's all about serving God to best of our ability, right? So I'm going to do that.

Puku NZ said...

I'd agree with Clive about the hairy audacious goals, those are the ones that usually help to grow our Faith, trust and ability/neccessaity to hear for the Man.

Clive Smit said...

Sounds like you're on a good path AnonAsUsual : )