Friday, 16 January 2009

A Call To Prayer

For most Christians prayer is something we all know we should do more off... but we don't. Too often we have been in boring prayer meetings etc.

Prayer really is a selfless activity, we don't receive anything when we come together in community to prayer... but powerful happen!

Here is an awesome clip that just makes me want to hit a prayer meeting and pray up a storm!!!

I'd love to hear your comments!
How do you include prayer into your walk with God?


AnonAsUsual said...

The examples given in the video - Moses, Jacob, Elijah - all prayed alone in the instances given and evidently prayed powerfully.

There's certainly nothing wrong with prayer meetings, they're great, but prayer can happen any time we desire. So if the clip makes anyone want to pray up a storm, don't wait for a prayer meeting - do it now :-).

If we don't want to do it alone, we can call up some friends for a prayer time.

(As far as the boring prayer meetings, is there such a thing when we are focused on God? Or do they become boring when the focus is more on the externals?)

Clive Smit said...

We certainly don't need to wait for a prayer meeting... thats true. But you can't deny that there is a different dynamic when praying in a group (and different prayers prayed).

As for boring prayer meetings... I've been in more than my fair share! Perhaps its my personality type... but when someone is rambling on for 10mins... I get bored!

AnonAsUsual said...

I understand your points. I don't get a lot of chance for focused group prayer so maybe I've just had lack of opportunity to experience boring ones. I've certainly never heard anyone pray for ten minutes in that setting. I can imagine that would get boring when the event is supposed to be shared rather than led by one person.

I'd like to pray more and your post has inspired me to do that. :-)