Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Hearing From God Pt. 1

I thought I'd do a few posts on Hearing From God. Since the later part of the last century there has been a really big focus on hearing from God to find direction for our lives. From the very start of my spiritual journey I have been taught the importance of seeking God's voice and leading in my Christian walk. I have benefited so much from hearing from God over the years. I have seen the benefit in so many peoples lives... and I have seen it misused and abused.

People who decide to do something really stupid and mask it with, "God told me to...", and they do so because how can anyone argue with God's will? So if you don't want to listen to leadership and good council... just use the magic bullet. It's a highway to disaster!

(My third post will cover the 'How to hear from God'.)

So the first thing to know when listening to God is that we can hear from 1 of 3 people.
We can hear from:
  • Satan
  • Ourselves
  • God
Satan's voice is fairly easy to recognize... as it's condemning or suggesting things contrary to what God's Word says. The trick comes when we are trying to discern between my thoughts and God's. More on this in my next post.

What have your experiences been in listening to God? Leave a comment please.


Matthew Martyn said...

Hey Clive.
Great topic. so relevant for our young people and our selves. looking forward to stealing you notes!!!

christopher miller said...

I have had stints of hearing God or the Holy Spirit tell me to do things. It's usually "keep silent" when arguing with my wife.
Another time I am quite sure I heard a voice in my head tell me to confess. Then shortly after were a couple things that had buried themselves into my subconscious. When I confessed to the people I had hurt, a day later I heard it again and then was reminded of two other things. It happened three times and it was painful each time but I think God was honored each time.

Anonymous said...
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AnonAsUsual said...

Hearing from God ... this seems to be something that some people find comes to them more easily than others. The voice of Satan is easy to discern - as you said, it's condemning or unscriptural. I'm one of the people who finds that hearing from God comes very naturally and discerning it from my own voice also comes easily. That said, I think there is wisdom in standing waiting for confirmation, giving it time - if it is from God it the conviction will endure.

Your comment re: listening to leadership. I think one even needs to be careful here. There are many pastors and people with powerful ministries that have been told by their pastors or other leaders, "You will never be/do it". It is good to listen to another voice and consider what is said but leaders, like everyone, are human and can be wrong. I've seen leaders discourage some amazing people with words from their own spirit. I don't want to say we shouldn't listen to leadership - but we should be discerning here too.