Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Free Resources!!!

I am constantly amazed by what useful things can be found on youtube! Here is a great free ringtones creator for your new iPhone by iRinger. Check out how easy it is with this video:

I love the way that churches like have really lead the way in sharing their resources for free. Check out there OPEN section that has heaps of resources from graphics and videos to life group studies. Click HERE to check it out.

What other free resources are there out there that you use often?
I look forward to your comments : )


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it will inspire you to put the inspire speakers onto the podcasts now rather than waiting until people have purchased the cds :D

Lori Bailey said...

Thanks, Clive! We love to see users spreading the word overseas - thanks for the link. As far as other free resources, hopefully you've found our free Bible app for the iPhone - based on YouVersion. Thanks again for your kind words!