Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Apple iPhone

Hey, its been too long since I've been blogging. I really missed it! Well I finally got my new iPhone last week Wednesday. What a great toy! I must admit that I'm loving it. I love its predictive spelling, awesome interface and ease of use. I love the heaps of free applications and the fact that I can listen to music and my podcasts on the go now. Things I'm surprised by is the fact that the iPhone has a great camera but no video capabilities. I'm surprised that you can't have any word documents etc. My phone crashed today... my fault really. I was updating software when my laptop battery gave out. I found a really useful youtube video on how to restore your iPhone. Clich HERE to view it. The video was made by "how to iPhone". Its amazing what great resources are out there. Talking of resources I have just done a post on the Vision Youth Network blog. Click HERE to check it out and read the post. I'm always on the scout for really good videos off youtube. If you know of any good videos then please let me know. Well thats me for tonight... till next time. PS: If you are looking for a great (on-line) Bible app for your iPhone then click HERE. Thanks to LifeChurch.tv for that! Even if you don't have an iPhone... its worth watching the video to learn how to communicate thoughts clearly. Go on... click HERE.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences : )

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Glen Storey said...

Clive! It's a crime that you have an iPhone before me. Somehow, there must be a geek to iphone ratio to protect that sort of thing. Alas.

Hope you're doing well. Glad I found your blog.