Saturday, 9 August 2008


In one of the messages that Ps Wayne Alcorn shared at our Churches Inspire conference, he talked about how in Genesis 1 the Holy Spirit hovered over the earth... from this he talked about how we need to take time out... to hover... to ponder... to wait.

I was at gym doing some weights and I was getting quite out of breath as I strained through my bicep sets. I had to sit down as I was getting quite dizzy. I suddenly had a thought about Ps Wayne's message... and i began to realize that my problem in the sets was that I wasn't breathing. I was just straining. God began to give me the gentle nudging and challenge.... if I'm just going to run from one thing to the next... if I'm not going to rest... to hover.... I will get dizzy and end up no-where.

By the way, I tried the next set concentrating on my breathing... and it was even easier than the first set! I tried it again today and the breathing certainly makes a huge difference!

I wonder how I (and you) need to implement this breathing / hovering principal into our everyday lives. What strategies and practical things have you done to 'breathe / hover'? I look forward to your comments : )

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