Friday, 14 December 2007

Its Time To Dance Upon Injustice!

There is an estimated 800 000 people who are moved across borders in the slave trade. Most of these for the sex industries.
It has been estimated that there are more slaves today than ever before in history!
Slave trading is the biggest criminal activity behind drug trafficking and
illegal weapons trade.

This is a grievous injustice! Sometimes I wonder how God can keep Himself from destroying all of mankind... our wickedness is so great.
Sometimes I feel hatred toward these people... I would love to see these despicable pigs beaten to death. But I know that LOVE conquers all. I know that even these despicable pigs... Jesus died for. Despite their darkness... He loves them.

How great is our God!
(help me Lord)

Over the next few blogs we will look at how we can dance upon injustice... how we... God's hand and feet and mouth on this earth can make a difference.

I look forward to your comments : )

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